Creating Engaging Experiences ... is not a marketing phrase.

It's what we do!

About Us
image Quality is the most important aspect of WorxStudio.

We are a small boutique web design and internet development group focused on quality, not quantity.

WorxStudio is part of the Worx group. We are recognized leaders in internet development. Our own development website ( is ranked in the top 0.05% of websites worldwide.

Our internet software and tools are used by the largest companies and individual webmasters. We are developers of:
  • PHPMailer, industry leading email transport class
  • PHPMailer-ML, mailing list and newsletter management tool
  • PHPMailer-BMH, bounce mail management tool
  • PHPMailer-FE, secure form-to-email processing tool
  • QuickCache, op-code website and application caching
  • QuickSkins, templating system
  • DCP-Portal, content management
  • Website marketing tools
It's not a hobby for us: Our success depends on your success!